Blue Dragon Qigong Academy
Blue Dragon Qigong Academy
Dr. George Love

Welcome to Blue Dragon Qigong Academy

Learn the applications of the Science of Longevity which is Chinese Medicine. Try it FREE for 3 Days

What is the Blue Dragon Qigong Academy?

Blue Dragon Qigong Academy teaches the applications of the Science of Longevity which is Chinese Medicine. It is more than an academy but a tribe of healers and teachers that are equipping themselves with self knowledge and internal medicine.  By joining this academy, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge in regards to Jing Tonics, Herbal medicines, and understanding Taichi.

What you get by Joining:

  • Daily Sunrise Qigong Class to start your day positively and full of energy!
  • A tribe of healers and teachers that you can grow and network with.
  • Access to an archive of holistic content pertaining to health literacy, health empowerment and energetic healing.
  • Virtual and in-person wellness events and workshops.
  • Showcase your skill level twice a month to a tribe  of healers and teachers.

Certifications Offered

Medical Qigong Instructor – Learn internal and external exercises, rotational joint exercises and Qi Fitness with weighted balls and batons.

Reverse Aging Specialist - In addition to Qigong training, learn VitaliQi Testing and VitaliQi Therapy - 8 methods to move energy along meridians.

  • Tuina- Chinese Medicine Massage including Cupping and Gwashsa
  • Meridian therapy – Electro stim, Magnets, Cold Laser, Sound therapy

Qigong Healer- Uses external substances for ingestion to produce energy and remove toxins.

  • Asian Food Therapy
  • Herbal Hormone Therapy

Qi MD (doctor of Energy Medicine)- Emits radiant energy from the palm of the hands, prescribes specific Qigong exercises and removes emotional energy blocks.

  • Scholar Warrior
  • Science of Longevity